Reading Websites and Supports

lit2go.PNGLit2Go is a free online collection of stories and poems. Many can be downloaded as PDF and have the accompanying audio file.

Project Gutenberg over 54,000 free ebooks

PowerPoint Books
tar heel.PNGPowerPoint books created by students and teachers which are auditory and switch accessible. Students can make a book of their own.

Storyline Online
storyline.PNGStoryline Online offers a variety of books read by famous actors. There is a button to download an activity guidebook.

Storybird - a wonderful resource for reluctant writers that also encourages reading. Artwork is used as a scaffolding and an author can invite a collaborator.

ToonDoo.JPGUse cartoon strips to tell stories and promote writing.

Reading Manipulation Sites

newsela.PNGNewsela is a website that allows students to read the same current event content at five different levels. Register for an account, create a class, and register students. Students can take Lexiled quizzes and write directly into the website.

rewordify.PNGRewordify simplifies and explains difficult English words. Paste in sentences, paragraphs, whole chapters, or web addresses into the yellow field at the top of the page. The rewordified words are highlighted. Click them to hear the original word. Using the Settings options, the user can select a desired play mode. Check out the "print and learn activities" option.