Google Voice Apps

Google Web Apps often open a new webpage that allows for a specific application. This can be thought of as websites that allows the use to accomplish a certain task. Voice recognition is a technology that translates the spoken word into text, some do better than others, but the technology is always improving. Voice recognition implies only that the computer can take dictation - not that it understands everything that is being said. Find these apps in the Chrome store. They will be added to the App launcher which may appear on the task bar or on the far left side on the Bookmark Bar .

dictationio.JPGDictation is a simple application that turns your Google Chrome into a speech recognition app. You can use Google Chrome as a voice recognition app and type long documents, emails and school essays by "typing" with your voice. The finished product can be downloaded as a text document. Internet connection is required. (identified as "Voice Recognition" in Extensity)

VoiceNote.JPGCreate quick notes that can be saved, copied, and placed into a word processor. VoiceNote works with several languages while using basic voice commands for punctuation and new paragraph. On initial use you must select a language using the globe icon in the lower left corner. Internet connection required.

speechnotes2.JPG Speechnotes is free alternative to Dragon with a high level of accuracy, great features, and ease of use. The application is similar to VoiceNotes. Internet connection required.

Speech Logger
speechlogger.JPGSpeech Logger allows the user to dictate in one language and simultaneously translate it to another when the Translate feature is activated. The document can export to email or a text file. Auto-Punctuation will automatically punctuate when the student stops speaking. If the sentence begins with who, what, where, why, or how, it will automatically use a question mark at the end of the sentence. Internet connection required. (Speech Recognition and Translation). Internet connection required.

Google Keep
googlekeep.JPGGoogle Keep provides recording capabilities through an app on a phone. Speech-to-text provides a script. The scripted note is saved to the Google Keep app on a computer. Both the audio and script portion can only be accessed on the phone.

MicNote.JPGMicNote is very similar to a Live Scribe pen. The user can take cursory notes while recording the lecture. The recordings are bookmarked to the typed text. The user can export the link and send where necessary via email. Free accounts are limited to 10 minute recordings and 10 picture uploads per recording. Available as an Android app, with in-app purchases. Internet connection required or the application can be downloaded to your device, with Cloud storage (Google Drive or Dropbox) sync capable, for offline use.

clarospeak.JPGClaroSpeak is very much like the other options shown above